Who We Are

Core5 Industrial Partners has deep roots in industrial real estate. We are owned by the 175-year-old Kajima Corporation’s U.S. division, Kajima USA Inc., and couldn’t be more familiar with the industrial product type. Core5’s founding leaders once led the former Kajima industrial company, IDI (now IDI Logistics), taking it from a $39 million investment in 1989 to a sales value of $2 billion in 2013.

Industrial Property Is Our Game

With a 25-year track record of delivering more than 250 million square feet of warehousing, distribution and manufacturing facilities, Core5 knows the nuts and bolts of industrial real estate. We’ve done it all, from buying raw land to develop speculative facilities, to developing sites to meet a tenant’s specific need, to leasing property and managing tenancy with first class service, to investing with partners for the long haul.

We’re based in Atlanta, Georgia, and quickly establishing a national presence in North America’s major distribution and logistics markets. We manage equity relationships, financing and accounting at the national level allowing our market teams to remain small and focused on adding real value to our tenants and broker representatives in local markets.

We’re Strong And Fast

Core5’s capital strength and minimal bureaucracy translate into speed on deals and close client relationships. Our highly skilled, experienced team and flat organizational structure make us nimbler and easier to work with than larger, institutional firms. This means faster broker commissions, quicker response to tenant needs and focused attention on our industrial real estate clients.

We have solid financial standing and are astute investment stewards. We know operating metrics are important, but we never use a single source to determine the right time to develop, buy or sell real estate, opting instead to closely examine the whole picture. The Core5 structure allows us to fully capture existing market environments – developing, buying and selling assets using our local market knowledge and experience – to maximize value and returns for real estate shareholders and investors.

Customer Satisfaction Is At Our Core

Core5 is here to serve your industrial real estate requirements across North America, regardless of size, the number of deals or location. We are backed by a strong financial parent with major capital sources and personally keep our promises to you. We have deep knowledge and the sharpest minds tuned to the industrial real estate sector to serve you with superior service and speed.

We don’t claim to be the biggest industrial properties company – only the best. We stand ready to prove to you the good merits of our Core5 name and principles:

1. Relationships
2. Capable, dedicated employees
3. Investing for long-term value
4. Excellence to the highest standards
5. Follow-through on commitments