Core5 at Middletown

Route 230, Middletown, Pennsylvania
Building 2
Core5 Logistics Center at Middletown (the “Park”) is located off of PA Route 283 (a four lane divided highway) that connects Harrisburg, PA to Lancaster, PA in Londonderry Township, PA. The Park’s location on the East Shore of Harrisburg, PA provides immediate access to major US interstates including I-76 (PA Turnpike), I-83, and I-81. FedEx, UPS, and USPS have large-scale operations within a 30-minute drive of the Park. UPS is currently constructing a 775,000 square foot hub in Lower Swatara Township, PA that will open in 2021. Norfolk Southern also operates two intermodal yards (Harrisburg & Rutherford) within 30 minutes of the property. Further, Core5 Logistics Center at Middletown provides access to a deep, blue-collar workforce. The total population within a 30-minute drivetime of the Park is 670,413 and the workforce population is 367,045.